Sonja Vivienne from Adelaide, Australia wrote:

"Staying at Nepabunna earlier this year was a great experience for me and my 7year old daughter. We got to know some local families and heard about their lives and traditions. Nepabunna is in a beautiful part of SA and it just seemed right to stay with the people who have always been there."

Lynn from Ireland says:

"I had an incredible experience staying in Nepabunna. The people there taught me patiently all about traditional Adnyamathanha land, their history, plant knowledge and dreamtime stories. They allowed me to see the beauty of the land through their eyes. It is a powerful and inspiring example of a grassroots experience offered by a people that have been through so much. Songs around the campfire, 40,000 year old rock art, kangaroo feasts and most of all the welcoming and generous spirit of all the people there ...

Nepabunna left me with memories I will never forget."

David G from Adelaide writes:

I visited the Northern Flinders Ranges in July, and spent a Saturday at Nepabunna.  It was during the NAIDOC week celebrations.  Many people from the community had gathered around a camp fire for this special occasion and watched as a kangaroo was pulled from the coals and prepared for eating. Several damper "cakes" had also been cooked in the coals. We all had a generous slice of the roo, which was so tender it slid down the throat.

A couple of men sang some songs whose lyrics told of dream time stories. It was a privilege to be included in this significant event. Talking to some of the men later, I received warm acceptance and a greater appreciation of some of the community's history and culture. I know my wife enjoyed the friendliness of the ladies and some children as well.     

Thank you for sharing your day with us. It's opened our eyes to the ways of your people in those beautiful surroundings.

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