We have a lot of country up here with lots of places that are environmentally and culturally significant.

Having an Adnyamathanha person take and show you these places is the only way visitors can access these sites.  This is for cultural reasons as well as the fact that none of them are signposted and only the local people know how to get to them.

Places we can take you include the following (click the titles for more details):

  • Damper Hill
    (Nguthunanga mai ambatanha)
    • Womens Site with dreaming story (men welcome)
  • Ram Paddock (Minerawuta)
    • Stroll through the ruins of the previous Nepabunna settlement pre 1930
  • Elder Memorials
    • Hear about them, their life and their contribution to our people and this region
  • Vadhaleena Gorge
    • Narrow gorge with small waterholes all the way along
  • Malkawi
    • Painting site hidden away on a nearby property
  • Moro Gorge
    • Contains a series of spring fed waterholes and is a favourite place for yellow footed rock wallabies
  • Irish Well
    • An old pine hut significant to the local people here
  • Red Gorge
    • Very special place with ancient carvings
  • Mudilipena
    • Permanent waterhole and painting site
  • Waukla Woodna Gorge
    • Stunning gorge where yellow footed rock wallabies can be found (4wd only)
  • Various bush tucker areas
    • Taste real bush tucker in its natural environment and also learn of medicinal uses for plants that have sustained our people for thousands of years.  September to March is the best time if you actually want to taste bush tucker.
  • Ochre pits
    • Visit nature's paint factory, a very significant site to our people
  • Eagle and the Crow
    (wildu, urrikuli and wokola)
    • Dreaming site where the birds got their different colours
  • Chambers Gorge
    • Picturesque gorge
  • Weetootla Gorge, Italowie Gorge
    • See this breathtaking gorge through our eyes
  • Yadalachina Gorge and spring
    • A special place few people get the opportunity to visit. A waterfall occurs here after rain (approx 2 hour casual walk return)
  • Artu Warrapuna
    • Womens site
  • Awi Urtu
    • Our local swimming hole just minutes walk from Nepabunna township

Upon booking a tour please let us know what you would like to learn about and experience most as this will affect the locations you visit.  For example dreamtime stories, painting sites, bush tucker, wildlife, scenery or Nepabunna life and social history.

In addition to the tours below, local tour company Bookabee Tours offers exceptionally high quality interpretive tours in and around Nepabunna. To benefit from the cultural experience of this Aboriginal-owned and operated company, visit www.bookabee.com.au.

Half Day Tour
Half Day tour $80 per person (2 person min)
14 years and under $30 each

Full Day Tour
Full Day tour $150 per person (2 person min)
14 years and under $50 each

Campfire Evening
Singalong and kangaroo traditionally cooked
$450 per group ($200 for each additional kangaroo or emu)
At least two weeks notice is essential.

Please bring a packed lunch on the full day tours and your own water.

To book a time for a guided tour through some of these places please book through the Nepabunna Office by calling (08) 8648 3764 or email at info@nepabunnatourism.com.au. We look forward to your visit soon.

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